Blog Introduction

The theme that I have based my blog around is typography. Due to being interested in a career in graphic design, I am hugely influenced by typography, and all of the different ways it can be used within art, media and technology. My blog looks into many well-known typographers, their work and their inspirations, as well as some of my own work and illustrations that can be used within publications. Typography is the foundation of many forms of media and without it many pieces within art and publications would be lacking key components that allows them to interact with the user. My blog will display the work of my most admired typographers, their work style and techniques, as well as how they have immersed themselves into the art world. The list of typographers would include Christopher Wool, Craig Ward, Stefan Sagmeister, Wim Crouwel and David Carson. Similarly, the structural formatting and layout that can be used within typography hugely interests me, and this style of design can be seen in the work of many typographers, in particular David Carson. Carson broke free from the rules of classical graphic design and tried techniques with fonts that had never been attempted before, purposely mixing and distorting them. He invented new typographical and layout techniques, which helped to lead him to create his distinctive look. This style of work is particularly interesting to me as it shows the variety of ways typography can be manipulated or changed into something new, allowing people to create their own visions and techniques, similar to that of David Carson’s work. Similarly, the structural layout of this website would therefore display all of these artists work, as well as pointing out similarility within different pieces, as well as contrasting techniques used on the typographic work.

Blog Biography

Currently studying at Parsons School of Design BFA Communication Design major with a minor in Fashion Communication. Living between New York City and London, with a passion for health, fitness and the fashion industry. For more information please email;